I see the AHA Guidelines have changed the CPR protocol from Airway – Breathing – Circulation (ABC) to Circulation – Airway – Breathing (CAB). Do Philips devices adhere to this?

Yes. Current HeartStart OnSite/HS1 and FRx AEDs observing Guidelines 2005 do not explicitly call out ABC instructions. They simply instruct to perform CPR. The more detailed CPR coaching on these devices instructs compressions first, followed by ventilations, per the Guidelines. The default behavior of HeartStart FR2+ defibrillators observing Guidelines 2005 also instruct to simply perform CPR. A longer “A-B-C” oriented CPR prompt is available via reconfiguration, but is not the default instruction. Customers who have reconfigured their devices for this longer prompt can configure them back to the shorter default prompt using the FR2+ Training and Administration Pack. This issue is not applicable to ERC guidelines.

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